Quality and environmental policy of our company


The mission of FORCOBAY MULTIPRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS DIGITALES S.L., is mainly dedicated to the commercialization of perfumes, hygiene and personal care products, as well as household products.

Our main objective is to continuously improve the quality of our services to achieve the greatest satisfaction of our Clients, while being respectful of the environment in the development of our activity.

Our vision of the future is to become one of the reference companies within our economic sector, aiming to obtain the trust of our Clients and their loyalty when making their purchases. To achieve this loyalty of a large part of our Clients, we intend to apply quality policies in the selection of the products that we put on sale, active listening in the resolution of problems and improvement of our service, in addition to our desire to optimize our effort. to achieve greater fluidity in our activity.

The future of our organization will be assured through the commitment to quality with the products we distribute, constant improvement in the service to our Clients, the qualification and involvement of the company's personnel and the improvement of the company's behavior in order to be Respectful towards the environment.


Our greatest commitment will be to satisfy the Client and we will put all our effort into this, to gradually increase mutual trust.

In addition to our clear commitment to the quality of the products we sell and the provision of our services, respect for the environment must be another of our priorities to guarantee not only the future of our organization, but of all Humanity.

Our objectives could not be achieved without the efforts of all our staff, collaborators and suppliers. We will provide all of them with working conditions that facilitate their motivation, competence and pride in their contribution to our business project.


To achieve our objectives of quality and respect for the environment, we will develop, support and support these directives and others:

- Our company will always be focused on the continuous improvement of our services.

- Satisfy the expectations of the Clients and comply with the applicable legal and regulatory requirements (legislation of our commercials, occupational risk prevention legislation, data protection legislation and environmental legislation).

- Interactive and open communication, stimulating a quick response.

- Guarantee the adequate continuous training of our employees for the continuous improvement of our services.

- Provide a safe and healthy work environment.

- Stimulate individual initiative, continuous innovation and creativity of our staff.

- Recognize individual and team achievements.

- Promote awareness and responsibility in environmental matters. To be a company that respects the environment and act under our own ethical principles, as well as under the indications established in Spanish and European legislation.

- Adopt prevention and control measures for those tasks that have some environmental impact, by identifying possible risks and applying the corresponding corrective measures.

- Create and maintain a spirit of respect for the environment, which motivates employees, collaborators and suppliers to minimize the environmental impact of our business activity.

- Control the consumption of natural resources, promote energy savings, minimize the generation of waste and ensure proper treatment.

- Involve suppliers and collaborators in our environmental policy.

- Promote our social and transparent commitment regarding the company's activities.

- Implementation of processes and services that respect the environment.

- Control the quality of all the products we sell in order to always offer the highest possible quality without neglecting a competitive price, even with the reduction of commercial margins.

- Continuous updating of our processes and services, adopting innovations to transfer their benefits to our Clients.

- Anticipation of the Client's needs and proactivity in terms of proposals for their satisfaction.

- Adapt and make our tasks more flexible to be more agile and have a quick response to the needs of the Client.

- Promote teamwork internally in each and every one of our tasks, to achieve organizational efficiency.

- We will set measurable parameters and set our quality and environmental objectives for a fixed and reviewable period.

- Both internal and external relations of our organization will be honest, objective and straight, always recognizing the dignity of the person above any cultural, social or ideological factor.

All the values ​​and directives previously exposed are shared within FORCOBAY MULTIPRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS DIGITALES S.L. and the company's management is firmly committed to its implementation, surveillance and correction when appropriate.

Valencia, October 2021.

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