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HEM Incense

Founded in India in 1983, HEM began as a simple specialty store selling incense and related products.

With the increase in the consumption of incense that has been growing year by year, HEM began to evolve and grow to become one of the world leaders in the manufacture and export of incense and other natural perfumery products.

The main premises of HEM are based on the research, development and manufacture of top quality products.

HEM manufactures and exports more than 400 different types of incense, fragrances, aromatic essential oils and other products, destined for 80 countries in Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Australia and Asia.

Headquartered in India, this brand has two manufacturing plants in Mumbai and Bhiwandi, state-of-the-art laboratory and design studios, employing some 460 experienced professionals in the handcrafting of incense sticks and other products.

This manufacturer has optimized its manufacturing processes to achieve a large production, high-quality products and optimal cost.

Thanks to its own design team, HEM has adapted its products and its presentation to the customs and requirements of the different parts of the world where its incense is sold.

All the incenses manufactured by HEM are subjected to strict quality controls at all stages of production, with ISO 9001 certification and IFRA standards.

All the raw materials used in the manufacturing process are 100% natural and the packaging comes from recycled materials.

HEM incenses do not release toxic or harmful gases during use.

HEM incense can be used to scent your home, office or business with an exotic aromatic experience. You can also create a perfect environment for your religious rites, do relaxation or meditation exercises or practice yoga.

For ancestors, incense has been attributed the ability to positively influence the spiritual energy of people, although these beliefs are not scientifically proven.

The concept of aromatherapy massage, burning incense sticks and incense herbs for spiritual practices, using aromatherapy diffuser oils to promote healing and relaxation, or using palo santo incense to purify and cleanse a space became popular worldwide.

This brand has several prizes and awards for its manufacture of incense sticks, such as 'Top Exporters' by the 'Export Promotion Council for Handicraft' (EPCH) or the Silver Trophy "Niryat Shree" (Export) by the ' Federation of Indian Export Organization' (FIEO).

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