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From our company we try to provide the best possible service to each and every one of our Clients, although for obvious reasons those professional buyers who place large orders in our store must receive preferential treatment in some commercial aspects.

Most of the Clients who trust us are people who make their purchases in a private way, but we also have Clients who make their purchases to resell the products we sell or who make large purchases for groups of friends, family, associations or clubs.

Our organization, type of company and available logistics means enable us to serve both types of Clients, making the commercial and fiscal distinctions that are appropriate in each specific case.

This section of our store is dedicated to those people who, professionally or in a private capacity, represent companies, associations, clubs or buying groups that are interested in acquiring the products that we sell in better conditions.

If you are a Customer who makes purchases for personal use of less than €100 net of products without taxes, the conditions set forth herein may not apply to you. If, on the other hand, you are going to make purchases of more than €100 of products without taxes, you can request your registration as a Professional Client or Large Consumer and enjoy some advantages, as long as your purchases exceed the minimum amount required.


The Professional Client or Large Consumer will receive a direct discount of 10% from the moment their Client Account has been created. This discount is the one that is currently applied, but it could be modified by our company at any time, prior communication from us of the changes that will be made.

In addition to the direct discount, at certain times or on some promotional or stock clearance products, discounts will be created for a limited time and with exclusive access for Professional Clients.

For large purchases, over €500 of products, we always recommend that you request a personalized quote with possible additional volume discounts, as well as verifying the most adjusted shipping costs if possible.


Given that the Professional Client bases his activity on the sale of the products purchased in our store, we believe that he should also enjoy a more direct communication with us and with shorter response times so that, in turn, you can communicate to your Customers when they will receive their products or any questions or issues that may arise.

In the communication channels that we can make available to our Clients, you will receive priority in the attention of your queries and within more extended working hours. To enjoy this service, you must ALWAYS identify yourself in your presentation as a Professional Client and with your registration number or with your email, in order to be able to identify yourself.

We promise to give an answer to your query within a maximum period of 2 hours during business hours and 8 hours if your query is made on a Sunday or a public holiday in Valencia or Spain. We may not be able to resolve your doubt in that first contact, especially when the intervention of one of our suppliers is required, but we will initiate the procedures at that very moment to resolve them more quickly.


While the individual Clients of our store receive simplified invoices that do not require their complete tax information, Professional Clients must provide their complete tax information and thus be able to receive their invoice duly formatted with a breakdown of the taxes applied. In this way, you will be able to justify your purchase before the Fiscal Agency of your Country and deduct yourself as a professional or company the expense incurred.

If you reside in any Country adhered to the VIES system of the European Commission and you have a VAT number, we can issue you a tax-exempt invoice, for self-assessment before the Fiscal Agency of your Country. If you want to adjust to this billing system, you must notify us at the time of requesting your subscription as a Professional Client and you must justify all the data that validates you within the VIES system.

If you turn out to be a Large Consumer, you are not legally registered as a professional or company, we could continue to issue simplified invoices for your orders, including the legally applicable taxes, but in no case can you request the payment exemption established through the VIES system. . You should check with the Fiscal Agency of your Country, the limits that are established for private purchases.


Our store regularly produces a digital catalog with all its products, as well as different lists of them. These catalogs and lists have two versions, the general version where our brand and all our company data is shown and another version without a brand and without company data that will be very useful to serve your Clients.

We also offer you the possibility of making a personalized digital catalog with your logo and data, starting from the latest version of our catalogue. This service will normally entail a small associated cost, except for those Clients who make a large purchase of products to start their business.

The manufacturers of the products we sell do not usually offer us free samples or testers, even though these tester versions do not exist in most cases. In this sense, we can provide you with tester versions of our perfumes or products that are exactly the same as the original ones, at a much lower cost price than the sale price.

Sample perfumes or products will be delivered in their original packaging with all their contents and without the blister that surrounds them, they will always carry a label that will identify them as testers and their purchase will be limited to a single unit per order. In other words, you can buy all the testers you want in the same order, but they must always be of different products or variants.

In addition to the testers in their original format, we have other formats that you can buy from this section of our store: TESTERS AND SAMPLES.


If you wish to obtain the benefits of having a Professional Client or Large Consumer account, please fill out this brief QUESTIONNAIRE.

We will evaluate your request and we will contact you to confirm receipt of the questionnaire and if we need any additional information.

The data you will provide in the questionnaire will be used exclusively by our company to assess your request. Once your data is received and your request is successful, the questionnaire and all the data contained therein will be deleted.

By filling in and sending the questionnaire, you declare that you are aware of our PRIVACY POLICY and accept the processing of your personal data, as determined in the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Commission.

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