Incense natural sticks


You can use our incense as a relaxing aroma for your home and also take advantage of its multiple benefits for the mind and body.

The term incense comes from the Latin "incensum" and means to burn or light.

Incense is a preparation that dates back thousands of years of history and is made from aromatic vegetable resins that are mixed with essential oils, in different formats.

The different types of incense, when burned, give off a highly aromatic smoke that has traditionally been given therapeutic, aesthetic, religious or even magical capacities.

In some cultures, incense is considered sacred and is used as an offering or in healing or purifying rituals on a spiritual level.

The most popular presentation of incense is in pressed sticks for direct burning on a suitable support. This will be the format that you can find in FORCOBAY stores.

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Some of the benefits and properties attributed to incense are:

- Blood circulation and inflammatory processes. Natural incense has boswellic acid, a key ingredient in Ayurvedic medicine that is traditionally used to improve cardiovascular health and alleviate inflammatory processes.

- Anxiety and depression. Some essential oils that make up the incense and the resin-based composition itself, favor a decrease in heart rate and mitigate nervousness or anxiety.

- Clean air. In addition to the aroma given off by incense, it has some antiseptic capacity and to repel flying insects.

- Reconciliation of sleep. Thanks to its ability to reduce nervousness, incense promotes the right state of relaxation to sleep.

- Mental concentration. With the right environment, incense provides a relaxation that can ease us into a state of deep meditation or peace.

- Aphrodisiac. It is a good ally to create the right atmosphere for passion, especially those incenses that contain essential oils that enhance the activation of the hypothalamus, responsible for sexual arousal.

- Spiritual. Some incenses are attributed magical or spiritual abilities to attract good energy and drive away negative influences. These capacities based on ancient beliefs, do not have a scientific basis and must be taken with some skepticism.

Although all our incenses are natural and of high quality, we must warn the Buyer that excessive abuse or inhalation of the smoke produced during combustion can have harmful effects on the health of people with respiratory diseases.

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