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Sunset World Fragances

Sunset World Fragances perfume brand is produced by the Spanish company Fragancias Mais S.L., one of the most important manufacturers in Spain of perfumes, air fresheners and other white-label or low-cost products. Its history dates back to the year 2003 when several expert perfumers with extensive professional experience decided to launch their own perfumery project.

Fragancias Mais is a factory with a production capacity of several million perfumes and air fresheners per year. It has a staff of more than a hundred workers distributed in its production center and its different national and international delegations.

Sunset World Fragances generic perfumes are manufactured at its production center located in the region of Murcia (Spain). The manufacturer has its own R&D laboratory in its factory where all its products are studied and shaped, from their formulation to the packaging design.

For the manufacture of perfumes and other products of the Sunset World Fragances brand, Fragancias Mais has a wide range of national and international certifications such as GMP (9960-E), EQA or ISO 22716 certification.

The quality control of Sunset World Fragances perfumes and air fresheners is strict, both in the final product and for the raw materials used during manufacturing, mostly from Spanish or European products.

Are lines of perfumes and air fresheners from Fragancias Mais are characterized by a modest presentation and very reasonable prices in order to reach families of all economic conditions. The perfume packaging design is carried out by the R&D team within the factory itself, always adjusting the cost of this element to the maximum to avoid making the final product more expensive.

Sunset World Fragances perfumes are appropriate both for personal use and as an inexpensive gift, uniting an excellent relationship between quality and low price. You will find perfumes that last longer on the skin, but never at such competitive prices.

In addition to Sunset World Fragances, Fragrances Mais produces other brands such as Naturmais, Mikado and many other brands that are packaged with the image of other companies.

We can affirm that Sunset World Fragances is one of the generic perfumes with one of the cheapest prices on the market, without sacrificing standardized quality levels.

As the manufacturer itself expresses on its corporate website: "The success of Fragancias Mais is based on fragrances and designs that express its character, giving it a touch of distinction due to its power of constant creativity, taking into account market trends and needs".

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