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    HEM Sandal and Cinnamon Incense
Incense Sticks HEM Sandal and Cinnamon are made in India by Hem Corporation from high quality natural raw materials.

HEM is one of the largest manufacturers of incense sticks in the world, a process that it carries out under ISO 9001 certification and IFRA standards.

HEM Sandal and Cinnamon is an incense composed of different aromatic vegetable resins and essential oils, made in the shape of a wand.

Incense has been used since ancient times as a form of perfume, but at the same time it was believed to allow believers to communicate with gods or spirits.

The different formulas for manufacturing incense are given a wide variety of properties, from merely olfactory, relaxing, therapeutic and even spiritual.

HEM Sandal and Cinnamon incense could offer you some of the following benefits (based on ancient beliefs):
- Its aroma helps to move people's minds to more pleasant places.
- Serves to accompany medical treatments and physical or spiritual healing processes.
- It is used for holistic healing therapies, meditation, reiki, yoga, magic spells, rituals, physical or spiritual exercises and to guide the journey of spiritual awakening.
- Strengthens the spirit and positively influences psychological well-being. It is scientifically proven that very pleasant aromas help people deal with anxiety and mental overload.
- It is one of the best incense to create a calm and energetically balanced atmosphere.
- Its regular use inside the home helps rapid relaxation, by associating the brain with its aroma to a safe place, away from stress.
- Like most good incense, it influences the balance of the energies of places and people, driving away negative energies.
- Helps overcome difficult traumas so they can move on with their lives.

The way of use is to place the incense stick on a suitable container that is fireproof, a flame is applied to it so that it begins to burn slowly and gives off a very aromatic balsamic smoke to take advantage of its properties.

The duration of the burning period of each incense stick can range between 30 and 40 minutes.

This incense has not been tested on live animals during its test period.

The combination of aromatic essences, manufacturing formula, image and name of this product, could be modified by the manufacturer without prior notice.

To see the full range of incense, click on the image:

Incense HEM Sandal and Cinnamon

This line of incense from HEM is presented in an individual cardboard container with 8 incense sticks inside a sealed plastic wrapper. Buying the complete box that contains 25 boxes with a total of 200 wands, you will get a significant discount.

- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Burn in suitable places and where there is no risk of fire.
- Do not abuse the use of incense in places without ventilation.
- Do not ingest, it could cause poisoning in people or animals.
- It is not advisable for people with respiratory diseases.
- Do not throw into the environment.

If you have any questions about this incense, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

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