Shipment of orders to all the countries of the EEC


We sell both to private buyers and from a single unit of any of our perfumes or products, to hundreds of products for professional buyers. We are not manufacturers, so our supply capacity may be limited to available stock.

Both for private buyers who place orders for a group of people, family or friends, as well as for professional buyers, we have some discounts that are applied automatically or upon request prior to making a large purchase. You can see the current and updated discounts in the DISCOUNTS AND PROMOTIONS section.

Professional buyers or those individuals who wish to dedicate part of their free time to the sale of the perfumes and products that we commercialize, will have a fixed discount in addition to other support promotions that we will implement according to the season.

If you are interested in making wholesale purchases, visit our space dedicated to PROFESIONALS, or contact us by opening a query ticket: CUSTOMER SERVICE.


We ship to Germany, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Croatia, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania and Sweden. They are excluded from making shipments to overseas territories, outside the European continent or certain islands.

At the moment, we do not ship to countries outside the European Union, due to the costly export and transport procedures for the products we sell.

If you reside in any of the aforementioned countries, but at the time of managing your order, our store does not offer you any available carrier, contact our Department of CUSTOMER SUPPORT.


Except in certain cases where we can offer a free shipping service, the Buyer must pay the cost of shipping from our warehouse to your home address or a delivery point determined by the carrier.

There are no fixed or pre-established shipping rates, given the volatility of the transport sector. The cost of sending an order is automatically calculated by our system according to the weight and volume of the packaging of the packages or boxes that are necessary to protect all the perfumes or products purchased by the Client. At the time of adding the products to the shopping cart, we will indicate how much you will pay for the shipping costs, and normally they will be higher the larger your order is.

If your intention is to buy just a single perfume or product, we recommend that you value the possibility of adding several products in the same order, since the shipping costs are calculated in sections of one or several kilos and you will pay practically the same costs for a product, than for 3 or 4 units.

We work with different transport agencies, the most relevant being UPS, TNT-Feddex, GLS, Correos Express, Mondial Relay, although depending on the time or the area where the shipment is going, we could use other transport companies that we suppose are more efficient. in each specific case.


To know all the details of the shipping status of your order, use the data you will have received in one or more emails. You can also visit the SHIPMENT TRACKING section or contact us from the FORM or by email to [email protected].


Until the order leaves our warehouse, the Client has the full right to modify or cancel his order, except for those products requested on request or personalized. The Client undertakes not to modify or cancel the orders placed for personalized products or products on order that are out of stock at the time of purchase, once the order has been confirmed by FORCOBAY.

The delivery of the orders is carried out by the transport company selected in the purchase process, at the address designated by the Client, always at street level or the logistics office of the carrier, depending on the delivery method selected by the Client.

FORCOBAY does not assume any responsibility when the delivery cannot be made as a result of the data provided by the Client being inaccurate or incomplete. Likewise, FORCOBAY does not assume any responsibility, when the delivery cannot be made due to the absence of the Client or recipient designated by the former, who must pick up their order at the carrier's logistics office.

It will be up to the Client to verify the order upon receipt and its content, expose before the same carrier and in the delivery receipt document, any anomaly that is observed in the package or packages received. In case of damage that is not noticeable externally in the package, the Client will have 24 hours after receipt to notify our CUSTOMER SERVICE Department.

In case of error on our part in the delivery of an order, the Client undertakes to make available to FORCOBAY, the product or products delivered in the wrong way for its withdrawal by the transport company. The products must always be in perfect condition, in their original unopened packaging and with all their original content intact.

For deliveries in companies, public bodies and other buildings in which there are restrictions on access to the general public, FORCOBAY cannot guarantee the Client that they will be made directly to him or another designated for that purpose, the order being fulfilled and Our responsibility is released, when the order is deposited at the reception or place that acts as access control and in charge of the person in charge for these purposes.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, FORCOBAY will adopt the appropriate measures for a diligent service by the transport company, in order to achieve the greatest possible satisfaction of the Client.

FORCOBAY, will not be responsible for the lack of compliance with the delivery obligations of the order, when this is due to causes beyond its control and will, such as customs retentions, lack or impossibility of obtaining raw materials, supplies or equipment, failures in the operation of facilities, acts of the Government or the Administration, own or third-party labor or general strikes, lockouts, civil disorders, natural disasters and other fortuitous cases or force majeure.


Confirmee on the part of FORCOBAY, the payment of the order on the part of the Client and the availability of the acquired products, in the approximate space of 24 skillful hours the bundle will be withdrawn from our facilities by the company transporter designated for its mailing.

In case some of the products should not be in stock for any cause of force majeure, one will communicate to the Client indicating him the term of waiting for its restoration and that should be the same who decides if to continue with the order or to cancel it, in whose case would carry out in an immediate way the return of the amount of its buy. In case some day of the due ones, it is festive inside the labor calendar for the population of Manises (Valencia), where our store is located, the mailing will be realized in the immediately skillful following day.

As soon as transporter was withdrawn the order of the Client by the company, the delivery time for Spain (Peninsula) might range from 1 to 3 working days, according to the service of employed transport and the importance of the population of destination. In case of the mailing to Balearics, Canaries, Ceuta, Melilla and countries of Europe, the delivery of the order from 3 to 7 working days might range.

FORCOBAY, there does not become responsible for the debts attributable to the company transporter or any incidence in the delivery foreign to our will and negotiations.

In the delivery times, in no case, the weekends will be calculable and holiday, so much in the locality of origin of the mailing, as in those of transit or destination.

Realized the mailing of its order to the Client, generates a number or locator that will make him go over by e-mail, well from our system or from the system of the proper company transporter, by means of whom it will be able to consult the state of its mailing.

The mailing realized by means of the ordinary service of Post office (letters), they lack this code locator.

In periods in which special circumstances meet, like festive dates, holiday period, strikes of transport or any other extraordinary event, the mailing will be able to suffer some delay not attributable to FORCOBAY.

If the Client wants to cancel an order, after the same one has been sent by FORCOBAY, he will have to wait to its reception to do it to us to come again for its means and always along with the document of return of goods or RMA that will be facilitated to that end.

In case of loss of the bundle on the part of the company transporter, as soon as we receive the communication on the part of this one would send to him again its order. In case for any circumstance the Client should get both orders, he will have to communicate it to us in an immediate way and put at our disposal the last order received for its retreat.


For all the mailing, FORCOBAY does not assume the responsibility of its delivery at certain specific and concrete hours. If the Client indicates a concrete date of delivery, or inside her a certain time zone, it will be understood that it does it with character orientativo. FORCOBAY, transporter promises to realize the pertinent indication to the company, but in no case it will assume no other obligation or responsibility on this matter.

FORCOBAY will not be responsible for the dammages that could derive from the delay or the absence of delivery of the order, in particular from the dismissed lucre, or any damage or emergent damage derived from the delay or loss of production, which as a result of the delay the Client could suffer.

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