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Decorative air freshener PRADY MIKADO ROSES, manufactured in Spain by Prady Normapiel Laboratories with good quality raw materials and following ISO 9001 and 14001 standards.

Let yourself be seduced by the most romantic and delicate floral fragrance, and fill your spaces with the balance, calm and calm that an environment scented with this exquisite fragrance will provoke in your senses.

It is ideal for scenting small rooms in the home, office and other rooms of up to 20 m2. To perfume large rooms, it is advisable to use several units.

The duration of the air freshener will depend on many factors, such as the temperature and relative humidity of the room or the presence of drafts, normally between 15 and 20 days.

It is presented in a glass bottle with a stopper, which is removed and the diffuser wands are placed inside, which absorb the perfume and diffuse it into the environment. The more sticks you put in the jar, the more intense the aroma will be.

Linalool, 7-hydroxycitronellal, tetramethyl acetyl octahydronaphthalenes, geraniol........

Flammable liquid and vapours, keep away from flames or intense heat sources. Avoid direct contact with eyes or skin. Do not eat. Keep out of the reach of children. Dispose of the contents and packaging in accordance with the environmental regulations of your region or country.

Glass container 100 ml with dosing sticks.

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