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    Scented Flower CITRONELLA Air Freshener
Decorative home air freshener Scented Flower CITRONELLA is manufactured in Spain by Laboratorios Prady Normapiel with good quality raw materials and with good permanence in closed rooms.

Scented Flower CITRONELLA is an ideal air freshener for aromatizing small rooms in the home, office and other rooms of up to 20 m2. To perfume large rooms, it is advisable to use several units.

Made with its own formula, its olfactory pyramid is composed of a combination of natural or synthetic essences that give it a very peculiar fragrance.

CITRONELLA is presented in a glass bottle with a stopper, which is removed and the artificial flower is placed inside, which absorbs the perfume and diffuses it into the environment.

Its duration is around 30 calendar days, depending on the environmental factors of the room where it is installed.

Do not throw away the air freshener once the liquid has run out, the flower will have been impregnated and will still continue to perfume your room for several days. The flower will change its tone at the same time as it absorbs the perfume.

His combination of aromatic essences, manufacturing formula, image and name of this air freshener could be modified by the manufacturer without prior notice.

The air freshener Scented Flower CITRONELLA is manufactured under GMP certificates and complies with ISO 9001, 14001 and 22716 quality standards and with strict production controls.

This air freshener is produced in a sustainable way and has not been tested on live animals during its testing period.

Generic composition: (see attached image)

Composition Scented Flower CITRONELLA

This line of PRADY air fresheners, is presented in an attractive 90 ml glass bottle with an artificial flower as a diffuser, in a personalized cardboard box.

If you have any questions about this air freshener, you can contact us and we will be happy to help you.

We remind you that we have more than 60 different references of fragrances in home and car air fresheners.

On the product packaging you can find in several languages all the precautions that you must take during the handling, use and disposal of this air freshener.

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