Draws on Facebook


Here is a list of the planned, ongoing or completed Draws on Facebook on our official profile FORCOBAY:

JANUARY 2023 - Finalized.
Winner: Mayka Sanchez Diaz


The Draws on Facebook are organized by the company FORCOBAY MULTIPRODUCTOS Y SERVICIOS DIGITALES S.L. (hereinafter FORCOBAY), with registered office at Calle Mayor 49 46595 Torres Torres, Valencia (Spain) with CIF B16996654.


These Draws on Facebook are in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, META. The user or contestant completely dissociates himself from Facebook and is aware that he is providing his information to the FORCOBAY company and not to META.

The information you provide will be used to: manage participation in the contest and to notify you of the prize in the event of being selected.


The draws on Facebook that are offered from the official page FORCOBAY, will always follow a fixed mechanism that is as follows:

- Click "like" on the giveaway publication. - Be a follower of our page (It is not necessary to give us your "like").
- Leave a comment on the post. You can tag a Facebook friend in your comment but it is not mandatory.
The greater the number of interactions, the User will have more chances of getting the prize.


The geographical scope of the draw will be limited as a general rule to any User located within the member countries of the European Union.

Users located in those regions that require special procedures for tax or customs reasons may not participate.

The start and end date of the draw will be indicated in the same publication of the draw, as well as its resolution and the winning person or persons.


All natural persons over the age of 18 residing in any of the European Union countries, except regions subject to special tax or customs regulations, may participate in the draws.

It will be essential that they are followers or fans of FORCOBAY's official Facebook pageY and that they have a real user profile on Facebook.

Company employees or fraudulent profiles that are recently created and do not have a follower will not be able to participate in the raffles.

FORCOBAY reserves the right to check if the participating profiles are suitable to participate in the draw and prior notice, withdraw their participation as a contestant for the prize.


The winner will be selected through an automated and random draw among all participants. To carry out the draw, the FANPAGE KARMA application or any other similar one will be used.

For full transparency of the process, the draw will be recorded on video and posted on our YouTube channel.

The winner will be published and tagged on the draw page itself on Facebook, as well as in this section of our store or any of our social networks. We will only publish your name as it appears on your profile.


The description of the prize or prizes drawn can be obtained in the corresponding publication of the draw on the Facebook page.

The prizes or their shipping will be at no cost to the winner, and all expenses will be borne by us.


In order to receive their prize, the winner of the draw must provide us with the following personal information by private message:

- Full name (no pseudonyms)
- Gift shipping address
- Contact email
- Telephone contact

The prize will be sent by FORCOBAY either to the winner's address or to a delivery point of the carrier of our convenience, such as the Post Office, Mondial Relay or Hermes.

The User will not be able to select the means of transport of their convenience or impose the delivery conditions, although we promise to agree on them to the best of our ability.

If, after informing the winner of the draw of their right to receive the prize, they do not contact us within a maximum period of 3 working days and provide us with their personal data, FORCOBAY will repeat the draw and search for a new winner among all the participants.

In the same way it will happen, in the cases that the winner does not wish to accept the shipment of the prize or renounces it.


FORCOBAY is exempt from any liability in the event of any error in the data provided by the winners that prevented their identification or delivery of the prize.

It is also not responsible for any loss, damage, theft or any other circumstance attributable to the carrier that may affect the delivery of the prizes.

FORCOBAY reserves the following rights:

- Take legal action against persons who perform any type of act that could be considered manipulation or falsification of the draw.

- Make changes that will lead to the drawing of lots when there is a fair cause or force majeure reasons that prevent its completion in the way in which these rules reflect.

- Postpone or extend the drawing of lots and the power to interpret these legal bases.

Likewise, FORCOBAY will be exempt from all liability if any of the cases mentioned, as well as from any liability for damages that may be caused during the enjoyment of the prize.


Visit our sections of PRIVACY POLICY and LEGAL NOTICE to know your rights regarding the protection of personal data.


The simple participation in the draw implies the acceptance of these Legal Bases, so the demonstration in the sense of not accepting all or part of them will imply the exclusion of the participant and as a result, FORCOBAY shall be released from the obligation contracted with said participant.


If you have any questions, you can make your inquiry through our inquiry form or write to [email protected].

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