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Decorative air freshener to hang in the car NATURMAIS BERRIES manufactured in Spain without alcohol and with natural essences.

Top notes: Fruit Green Candy......
Heart notes: Fruit Floral Candy......
Base notes: Sweet Floral Fruit......

It is ideal for flavoring tourism type vehicles, medium vans and truck cabins. It is placed by its hanging cord, in the interior rearview mirror of the vehicle.

It consists of a small glass jar and an untreated wooden stopper, which absorbs the perfume contained inside the bottle, when it is balanced with the movement or by gently shaking it.

The duration of the perfume contained is very variable, depending on the conditions of the vehicle where it is used, such as humidity or temperature.

It does not contain alcohol to avoid possible inflammation of the air freshener in case of exposure to extreme temperatures or fire in the vehicle.

Composition: Consult the technical data sheet on the product.
Capacity: 7.5 ml.


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