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The exclusive and careful formula of NELLY CREME INTENSE 10/08 LUMINOUS BLONDE with low ammonia content, makes it easier to penetrate the dyes in the hair cuticle respecting the nature of the hair fiber to the maximum obtaining the best results, with permanent coloration that covers gray hair, brings light and also respects the hair hydrating and improving the hairstyle.

Nelly Creme Intense, guarantees a deep and long-lasting color, offering full coverage of white hair, recreating the most natural color.

Its cream texture melts quickly and facilitates its application.

It has a pleasant fragrance.

Its formula contains the POLYQUATERNIUM-22 conditioner, which provides a silky touch to the hair, preventing frizz.

Its conditioner provides a soft and silky feel to the hair while preventing frizz. If what you are looking for is a permanent color that covers gray hair, change your tone, resist washing, give you some light reflections and also respect your hair hydrating and improving your hairstyle, this is your hair color.

In addition, its mask enriched with a series of active ingredients such as collagen and pro-keratin among others restructure the hair fiber resulting in a hair full of life, shine and hydrated.

Contains UV filter with color protection properties, against the sun's rays.

Available in 21 shades and bleaching to create the look you want, from the most intense blacks to the brightest blondes.


1 tube of 50 ml coloring cream
1 50 ml oxidizer applicator bottle
1 bag of mask of 15 ml
1 Pair of gloves
1 Instruction manual in Spanish and Portuguese


Hair dyes can cause severe allergic reactions.

Read and follow the instructions.

his product is not intended to be used on people under 16 years of age.

Temporary tattoos may increase the risk of causing an allergy.

It is mandatory to perform a skin allergy test on this hair coloring, at least 48 hours before its use (See instruction booklet).

The coloring cream contains resorcinol, phenylenediamines (diaminotoluenes) and ammonia. Rinse hair well after application. Avoid all contact with the eyes.

The oxidant cream contains hydrogen peroxide.xxx Keep out of reach of children.

- If you have a rash on your face or have a sensitive, irritated or damaged scalp.
- If you have ever experienced any type of reaction, after having colored your hair.
- If you have ever experienced any kind of reaction to temporary tattoos.
- Do not use to dye eyelashes or eyebrows.

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